For over 20 years multidisciplinary investigations performed at the CENS have been oriented to the complex assessment of ecological status of territories and development of scientific and methodological fundamentals of ecological expertise and optimization of natural resource management processes.

The Ecocenter includes a number of problem-oriented research departments and teams dealing with:

  • – environmental geochemistry
  • – environmental and health risk assessment
  • – biochemistry
  • – biomonitoring
  • – bioenergy, fodder resources
  • – assessment and mapping of landscapes and natural resources using GIS and remote sensing technologies
  • – computer technologies and databases in the field of nature protection
  • – food chain risk assessment.


The Ecocenter comprises an up-to-date analytical laboratory (accreditation ISO 17025) equipped with an atomic-absorption spectrometer (PerkinElmer AAnalyst-800), MS/GC (Thermo Electron Corp.) a spectrophotometer (Hach, Dr-2004), a gammaspectrometer (Canberra), a water multi-analyzer (Horriba U-10), a radonometer RAD-7 (Durridge Comp.Inc.), extractor (StarteE), an XRF analyzer (Innov X-5000), aspirator (ABA-1-120-02A) and so on.

The Ecocenter has a well-developed infrastructure including a computer base and field work facilities. Investigations are funded through diverse sources, 50% of them falling on target state budget-based funding and the rest – international and national agreements, grants, contract-based researches.

Presently, the Ecocenter employs a total of 70 staff members, 51 of them – researchers including 3 DSc and 21 PhD, 10 PhD students, 50% of staff being young researchers.