D. Pipoyan, G. Galoyan, A. Hovhannisyan;                             Agroscience scientific journal,                             2016,                             3-4,                             pp. 101-104;                                                     
Among numerous chemical hazards cereal crops are exposed to, it is mycotoxins which deserve special attention as chemically stable substances highly resistant to any processing. One of the most widespread mycotoxins causing a grave health hazard both in humans and animals are aflatoxins emphasizing aflatoxin B1 which is known as the major contaminant of animal feed, raw foodstuff and food. The research goal was to assess levels of aflatoxin B1 contamination of cereal crops consumed in Yerevan. The results obtained have indicated that actual contents of aflatoxin B1 in the tested samples of cereal crops consumed in Yerevan do not exceed permissible limits set by national standards.
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