A. Saghatelyan, L. Sahakyan, O. Belyaeva, G. Tepanosyan, N. Maghakyan, M. Kafyan;                             Electronic  Journal  of Natural  Sciences,                             2013,                             1,                             pp. 38-44;                                                     
The goal of this research was assessing dust load, heavy metal load and heavy metal concentrations in the dust of ambient air of Yerevan. With a view of characterizing geochemical associations in the winter of 2011-2012 a survey of snow cover was done. А dust load level on the major part of the city’s territory is low, whereas in separate points sharp peaks are recorded, a daily dust load value averaging to 383 kg/sq.km per day. This agrees with а mean pollution level and a moderate degree of hazard. A total load of heavy metals in dust varies 0.03 to 2.61, averaged 0.37 kg/sq.km per day. Summary mass fraction of heavy metals in dust varies between 0.02 to 2.83 %, averaged 0.20%. The intensity of geochemical anomalies of heavy metals in dust is extremely high. Dominating atmospheric dust pollutants to Yerevan are Mo and Ag. 91-99% out of а summary share of heavy metals in geochemical anomalies of dust falls on Mo and Ag. MAC-exceeding values were recorded for elements of 1st (Pb, Zn, Cd, As, Hg) and 2nd (Mo, Cu, Co, Ni) category of hazard.
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