H. Hovhannisyan, G. Nersisyan, L. Khachatryan;                             Proceedings of  the 6th international conference on biotechniques for air pollution control, Ghent,                             2015,                                                         pp. 377-383;                                                     
Armenia’s capital - Yerevan is characterized by a high, steadily increasing level of traffic-induced and dust load. For many years dominant pollutants of all environmental compartments of the city have been heavy metals. It is known that scientifically grounded urban greening both assures ecological tolerance, longevity and a functional use of green plantations and is the most productive and cost effective method of urban environment quality management. The goal of this research was to identify tree species having high metal uptake potential to include them in the system of Yerevan greening. The studied objects were prevalent park and street tree species. Based on the level and character of environmental pollution condition and ecological tolerance of plants were studied and leaf sampling done. Concentrations of elements in the collected leaf samples were measured through the atomic-absorption method (AAnalyst 800, Perkin Elmer, USA) consistent with ISO-8288, ISO-5666, ISO-11696 standards. Coefficients of total metal uptake by plants were calculated and data obtained mapped. A database complied as a result of the research underlay selection of ecologically tolerant tree species with good filtration properties and appropriate for urban areas similar to Yerevan which are characterized by high levels of heavy metal pollution.
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