G. Nersisyan, M. Grigoryan;                             Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Research in Didactics of the Sciences, DidSci 2016, ISBN 978-83-8084-037-9. Krakow, Poland,                             2016,                                                         pp. 118-121;                                                     
One of key aspects of the concept of sustainable development of cities is urban greening, which is regarded as an essential prerequisite for the health of urban communities and requires a novel strategy. The research goal was to introduce a scientifically sound method of urban greening as a teaching and educational tool in the ecological aspect of sustainable development. Taking into account the importance of nature management principles of sustainable development, an urban greening program was developed which consists of several research stages and has already been tested in the area of city of Yerevan. Also, data were collected regarding awareness and active involvement of students of different age groups in nature management programs.
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