T.  Sargsyan;                             Biological Journal of Armenia,                             2018,                             70 (3),                             pp. 17-21;                                                     
The work is devoted to the investigation of plant underground biomass changes along the vertical belts of south-west slope of Mt. Aragats. It is well-known, that the production rate and stability of mountain pastures and hayfields are mainly determined by the capacity of plant root system. It was revealed that according to vertical belts the coarse fraction of roots (diameter more than 1 mm) varied within 1023-2357 g, volume and absorbing surface – 4.3-9.8 dm3 and 34-89 m2 per unit area of pasture, correspondingly. Meanwhile, the maximum values of all studied parameters were found in the subalpine and minimum ones in dry steppe zones except of root fine fraction (diameter 0.25-1 mm). In addition, a close relationship between all studied root biometrical parameters was revealed.
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