L. Sahakyan, K. Melkumyan, I. Gasparyan, I. Gharibyan;                             National Academy of Sciences of RA Electronic Journal of Natural Sciences 1(24),                             2015,                                                         pp. 44-50;                                                     
The goal of this research was implementing geochemical studies in city of Stepanakert with a view of revealing geochemical peculiarities and assessing ecological status of the city area. This particular research was implemented in 2011-2012 and could be considered as a baseline geochemical investigation for Stepanakert. Conducted was a pedogeochemical systematic survey including entire urban area, calculation of geochemical background, geochemical and sanitary-hygienic mapping, zoning of Stepanakert territory according to different levels of pollution and hazard, identified risk groups in the population. Separately soils of kindergartens were investigated in term of pollution by heavy metals. 90% of the city area lies within a weak or low pollution zone. Generalization of the results obtained allows concluding that from a viewpoint of heavy metal pollution Stepanakert soils pose no ecological and health risks to the population.
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