B. Mezhunts, C. Britt, S. McMillan, D. Givens;                             Electronic Journal of Natural Sciences of the NAS of Armenia, Ecology, 1,                             2005,                                                         pp. 1-5;                                                     
The paper summarises studies on plant root biomass (RB), root gross energy (GE) and energy yield potential (EYP) distribution throughout the soils of the Dry steppe (DS, 1250-1400 m), Meadow steppe (MS, 1900-2400 m) and Alpine (AL, 2700-3000 m) zones of the Geghama ridge in Armenia. In the DS zone the influence of irrigation on RB distribution throughout the soil profile of 0-30cm depth was also studied. The stocks of total RB were: 1293, 2571 and 2526g DM m-2; GE value: 17.0, 16.8 and 18.1 MJ kg-1 DM and EYP: 22.0, 43.2 and 45.7 MJ m-2, respectively for the DS, MS and AL zones. The zones had a significantimpact on total RB,biomass of different soil layers (p<0.001) and GE value (p<0.05). Regardless of altitude, the soil root density decreased with depth ranged from 0 to 40cm (p<0.001). Irrigation in the DS zone increased the total RB and changed its distribution picture throughout the soil layers of 0-25cm depth.
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