S. Bubnov, V. Lebedev, I. Chernyshev, A. Saghatelyan, A. Dokuchaev, Yu. Goltsman, T. Oleinikova, G. Griboedova;                             Doklady Earth Sciences,                             2014,                             459,                             pp. 1365–1370;                             DOI: 10.1134/S1028334X14110014                        
In this paper we report the first results of petrological and isotope-geochemical studies of young lavas of the Porak neovolcanic center within the eastern part of the potentially active Vardenis volcanicarea of the Lesser Caucasus (Armenia). According to a number of material characteristics, the newest lavas of the Porak neovolcanic center are close to the continental intraplate formations. These characteristics are consistent with the ideas on the regional deep mantle reservoir of the OIB type as a source of primary melts for lavas of the center and provide evidence for the significant role of assimilation by the crustal material in their petrogenesis.
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