M. Navasardyan;                             Annals of Agrarian Sci.,                             2013,                             11,                             pp. 43-37;                                                     
Irrational use of mountain ecosystems of Armenia resulted in an acute reduction of the proportion of legume forages which are distinguished with high feed quality. That is why the investigation of this systematic group of plants, apart from the ecological, has also important agronomical meaning. In the paper the results of studies on biochemical composition and some macro- and microelements of 10 wild growing sainfoin species of the country are presented. It has been shown that some wild growing species exceed significantly the cultivated ecotype by the content of crude protein, crude fat, phosphorus and calcium. The studied sainfoin species substantially differ from each other by absorption capacity of microelements, which is evident from obtained data on coefficients of biological absorption.
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