In 2011 the UNESCO Chair  on «Education for Sustainable Development» was founded on the basis of the Center for Ecological-Noosphere Studies (a research organization carrying out fundamental and applied studies in ecology and environmental protection) as a principally new type of a UNESCO Chair.  The Ecocenter unifies a number of laboratories and individual researchers sophisticated in the field of ecological studies and generating interesting ideas.




The main purposes of the UNESCO Chair on «Education for Sustainable Development» are to promote ESD, as well as to integrate scientific, educational and innovation processes.


The UNESCO Chair on “Education for Sustainable Development” mainstreams of  activity:

  1. Research and development

Participation in the research and development projects carried out at the Ecocenter’s laboratories in the field of nature protection and nature use for sustainable development.

  1. Education and Training

Teaching students (practical work and theses preparation), training and retraining of specialists, academic supervision of postgraduate students are among the main education activities of the Chair.

  1. Development of teaching-methodological infrastructureDSC03715

Samples of teaching aids and laboratory packages for the new courses are developed and manufactured at the Chair.

  1. Organization of scientific conferences, seminars and traineeship for schoolchildren, young scientists, students and postgraduates.         Organizing local and international conferences, meetings and support participation of schoolchildren, young scientists, postgraduates and students in international conferences, congresses, seminars.
  1. International projects on cooperation in the field of science, education and training for    sustainable development.

Organization of research, international networks /including UNITWIN Networks in higher education institutions/ // and joint projects with developing and developed countries in the fields on ESD.

The UNESCO Chair supports the implementation of Master’s degree program.

MS courses in “Environmental Protection and Management” will enable to compile with the scientific level of educational program and teaching process of this discipline in the region to international demands.

The UNESCO Chair on “Education for Sustainable Development” is a member of the following networks: Info CENN; GUPES; Copernicus Alliance; ENSI.