Analyzable compound




Metals, Metalloids

“AAnalyst 800” Atomic Adsorption Spectrometer (Perkin Elmer, USA)

0.00001 ppb > 99 %
Heavy metals, alkaline metals, strontium

“AAS1N” Atomic Adsorption Spectrophotometer (Carlzeiss Jena, Germany)

10-4 g/l 85-90 %
Alkaline metals, alkaline-earth metals

“ПФМ-БП” Flame Emission Photometer (Zarya, USSR)

10-3 % >90 %
Ions, metals, chlorophyll

“СФ-46” Spectrophotometer (LOMO, Russia)

10-4 % >95 %
Ions, metals, metalloids

“КФК-2” Photoelectric Colorimeter (ZOMZ, Russia)

10-3 % 90-95 %
Ions, metals, metalloids, toxicity, turbidity, several organic compounds

“DR/2400” Portable Spectrophotometer (Hach, USA)

varies > 99 %
Organic compounds

“Trace DSQ” Gas Chromatograph/ Mass-Spectrometer (Thermo Electron Corporation, USA)

10-15 g/l > 99 %

“DSA 1000” gamma-spectrometer (Canberra Industries Inc.,USA)

10-4 Bq/g > 99 %
Radon (Rn)

“Rad 7” Radonometry (Durridge Company, USA)

0.1 pCi/l > 95 %

CAT Laboratory Structure

 Spectral analysis


Physicochemical analysis



Phys-chemical characteristics

U-10 Multi-analyzer (Horiba, Japan)

pH-METR №5123 (USSR), Water Bath (WiseBath, Korea), Microwave Oven (LG), Hot Plate (WiseTherm, Korea)

Calorie content

“B-08-MA”Calorimeter (USSR)


Classical analysis

Analyzable Compound


Ions (simple and complex), Chlorine, Carbon, Humus and etc.

Digital Titrator “16900” (Hach, USA),

Inorganic Insoluble Matters, TPH (Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons) and  etc.

Balances “ВЛР20-ВЛР200”, Muffle  (SNOL, USSR), “EMB 200-2” School Balance (KERN, Germany)


Preparatory works



Extraction and phase separation

“Start E” Microwave Extraction System (Milestone Srl, Italy), Soxlet’s system, Separating Funnel, “SPME” Solid Phase Microextraction system (Thermo Electric Corporation, USA),

Decomposition and dispersion, Combustion

Kjeldal Flask, Muffle (СНОЛ), “A12&BP-30T” Screen Analyzer with Vibrodrive (Vibrotechnique, Russia)


Water Still (GFA, Germany), Deionizer (Millipore, USA), “RE-201D” Rotary Evaporator (Hangzhou, China), “WB-11” Digital Water Bath (Daihan Scientific, Korea), “HP-20A” Analog Hotplate (Daihan Scientific, Korea), “Clatronic PC-FW 1003” Meat Grinder (Proficook, Germany), “FP-910” Kitchen Combine (Kenwood, Japan), “MMR1501” Blender (Bosch, Germany)