CENS role: Project management
Executor department: IACRAFC
Duration (Years): 2016 - 2018
Funding Source: State Committee of Science MES RA

Presently, with an intention to improve economic self-sufficiency, some meat processors often reduce their production costs by adding plant-origin ingredients that entails deterioration of the quality. One of plant-origin ingredients widely used in sausage production has been soy protein. The major goal of this research is to identify current adulteration on local sausage market, scientifically ground possible ways of its prevention and elimination and implement a complex veterinary-sanitary assessment. Besides, the project is aimed at a first–ever implementation of enzyme immunoassay in Armenia to determine the share of soy protein in sausage products in the frames of the proposed adulteration research. By 2018 sausage manufacturers must obligatorily have HACCP principles-based procedures developed, introduced and put into action, so one of research goals is providing scientifically sound definition of Critical Control Points in sausage production and developing appropriate instructions required to introduce the HACCP system. The developed instructions must then be used both by supply managers and during state surveillance.