CENS role: Project coordinator
Executor department: EGD CENS
Duration (Years): 2015 - 2017
Funding Source: State budget supported grant, State Committee of Science MES RA

The project goal is to study the contents of basic heavy metals and arsenic in the water of small rivers Gyard, Ajibaj, Chanakhchi, Voghchi, Meghri, Vahravar – surface sources of drinking water supply to towns of Kapan, Kajaran, Meghri and Agarak, and assess a probable impact of mining on water quality with the view of protecting river ecosystems and assuring the safety of drinking water delivered to the local community. The research results help develop recommendations for managing a number of nature conservation and health issues confronting a complex - in geochemical terms – region: 1).preservation of the ecosystems of small rivers Gyard, Ajibaj, Voghchi, Lichk, Zvar and Vahravar; 2).improvement of quality of drinking water supplied to towns of Kapan, Kajaran, Meghri and Agarak.