CENS role: Project co-coordinator
Executor department: EGD CENS
Partner: Central Economics and Mathematics Institute, RF
Duration (Years): 2015 - 2017
Funding Source: State Committee of Science MES RA and Russian Foundation for Basic Research

The project goal is developing methods, models and a software complex to optimally manage the dynamics of agents of the ecologo-economic system (EES) of the Republic of Armenia. The project is aimed at development of a theory and new methods and agrorithms supporting the optimal management of parameters of the EES assuring the optimal dynamics of its agents’ assembly to minimize environmental pollution levels when implementing a system of limitations and preferences. The project milestones: -Collecting, processing, clusterizing initial data relating to key characteristics of the EES of the RA; -Developing agent-type expanded and detailed models of the EES of the RA for further potential use when constructing regional models of EES; -Elaboration and application of a multi-agent genetic algorithm supporting generation of multiple Pareto-optimal solutions for the entire assembly of agents on the basis of the proposed simulation model of the EES of the RA -Developing a software complex representing integration of the proposed simulation models of EES, the developed multi-agent genetic algorithm, the compiled problem-oriented database and other subsystems to sustainably manage the dynamics of agents of the EES of the RA.