CENS role: Project coordinator
Executor department: EGD CENS
Partner: Scientific Center of Artsakh
Duration (Years): 2016 - 2018
Funding Source: State Committee of Science MES RA

The project goal is to study quality and safety indices of honey produced on the territory of Artsakh linking these to local geochemical peculiarities. The major task is appropriate re-training of the Artsakh Science Center’s team. The project plans both research and educational stages. The expectable project results are to get qualitative characteristics and safety characteristics of honey produced on the territory of Artsakh and their compliance with EU and RA norms, determine the potential of ecologically safe produce obtained on the territory of Artsakh, link quality indices and safety indices of honey with local geochemical and landscape specificities using honey as environmental quality indicator. It is expected that a qualified geochemical team be established at the Artsakh Science Center.