CENS role: Project coordinator
Executor department: RD CENS (Radioecology department)
Duration (Years): 2015 - 2017
Funding Source: State budget supported grant, State Committee of Science MES RA

Due to its geographical position, the Republic of Armenia plays a crucial role in transboundary transfer and redistribution of radionuclides in the South Caucasian region. Armenia houses an operating NPP, a waste fuel repository and a radioactive waste burial facility. Besides, the country borders on states who actively develop atomic nuclear technologies. Such facts support a necessity of implementing regular radiation monitoring throughout Armenia’s area. Presently, environmental radiation monitoring is provided only within a 10 km zone around the ANPP site and monitoring data are not sufficient to comprehensively assess radioecological situation throughout Armenia. The proposed project is aimed at developing a scheme of radioecological monitoring of transboundary pollution in the area of the Republic of Armenia and finally will yield both scientific and applied results extremely essential in terms of radiation safety of Armenia and the South Caucasian region as a whole. A scope of major achievements expected upon completion of the project will include a compiled dynamic radioecological database and a created basis to underpin organization of the early response and early warning system in Armenia.