The Biochemistry Department has been operating since 1989 as an integral part of the Center for Ecological-Noosphere Studies of the National Academy of Sciences RA involved in fundamental and applied investigations in plant ecology, plant biochemistry and biomonitoring.

Researches are aimed at ecological and biochemical peculiarities of plants in urban conditions and comprise studies of concentrations of heavy metals, halogen and nitrogen compounds and other toxicants in urban plants, accumulation properties of plants, the effect of toxicants on certain physiological and biochemical indices, ecological tolerance of plant species, and phytomonitoring of  pollution levels of urban sites.

Main activities include:

  • -Studying physiological and biochemical parameters of plants exposed to environmental pollution,
  • -Studying mechanisms of plant adaptation to man-altered zones,
  • -Urban greening,
  • -Phytomonitoring and phytoindication,
  • -Ecotoxicological risk assessment of vegetables and fruits cultivated in urban areas.